INFO Player Report Rules [READ]

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Community Manager
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Dec 10, 2016
  1. You have to use the correct format or else your Player Report will not be dealt with.
  2. Do not edit the format with alignments or colors. Keep it simple.
  3. You can only post Player Reports if the situation wasn't dealt with in-game already. There is no need to punish someone who was dealt with in-game by a staff member.
  4. Do not post Player Reports on someone for actions outside the server (e.g. forums). We have a reporting feature on the forums for this.
  5. Only the involved people in the Player Report may reply to their thread. Others replies will be deleted and you will receive warning points. This counts for staff members too.
  6. Do not submit replies such as +support or -support. Player Reports are no suggestions, faction applications or any other kind of applications. This counts for staff members too.
  7. Always stay on-topic. Don't start other discussions or arguements that are not relevant to that Player Report.
  8. Any evidence that has your audio-input (your microphone) muted and not recorded will automatically be invalidated and not be used for a final verdict. All audio sources need to be recorded to use a video as valid evidence.
  9. Player Reports will not be processed if the SteamID of the reported player is missing.
  10. Community Director(s), Community Manager(s), Server Director(s) and Senior Administrator(s) may accept and decline Player Reports. They also have the last word and may overwrite a decision at any time.
  11. Only selected staff members may process Player Reports - the so called Report Management.
    Current Team: All Senior Administrators, @Shiblamo, @Brad, @friskiemar, @TheRustyPlayer
This thread can and will be updated with new rules without notice in the future.
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