UPDATE Platform Update 1.0.5 - Release Changelog

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MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Jun 13, 2017

UPDATE 1.0.5

NOTE: Not all changes are documented, also if you see inconsistency in release notes, its because not all platform updates are significant enough to warrant a changelog.

List of changes
  • Spookfest is now disabled, till next time!
  • Added 2019 Corvette ZR1
  • Added CCTV Cameras to the Layer 1 and Layer 2 Banks.
  • Added multiple willow spawn points across the map ( Willow trees also now have an updated model ) Thanks @Statua
  • Fixed metal detectors in the bank not detecting players
  • Mosin Nagant has been re-introduced into the gamemode, and can now be crafted again
  • M1 Garand is now considered Limited Edition
  • HK416c is now repairable
  • XM8 has received a slight buff to its damage. ( This weapon will remain limited as we continue to see how it develops in the Meta. )
  • Adjusted all fishing spawns to cater towards realism/optimization. ( Yes, you can find them in the ocean )
  • Fishing system has received optimizations that should increase client performance