FEEDBACK Firefighter Cadet is 100% broken.

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New Member
Aug 28, 2019
Alright, so this will basically explain how leveling up as a cadet from any way other than just waiting is 100% impossible. Ok so the only way to get job XP as a cadet is to do missions, now most of these missions are very far away and you only have 500 extinguisher ammo. Now the extinguisher is VERY VERY weak and takes several reloads from the fire station to put out one fully grown fire, most of these missions have 3 or 4 fire nodes. Keep in mind you are usually doing this all without a vehicle and running 100-400 M per reload and have only 4 minutes to put out the fire. 90% of the missions I went to ended up expiring just when I got there the first run, or before I could even respond.

I spent an hour putting out this laggy ass fire right next to the fire department with another cadet, after dying several times, needing an EMS on scene for an hour to heal us, and calling an admin every time I died due to a bug that causes your body to vanish on contact with fire I got 0 XP 0 Dollars and no levels. This makes the job actually impossible to play.

I recommend raising the mission expire time to 10 minutes, possibly giving cadets a Pickup truck with some extra water, and making it so you get XP for every node of fire you take out.
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MRP Moderator
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Jan 22, 2019
Minnesnowta, US
Where I can absolutely agree, I also have to disagree from a RL standpoint. I've been a career FF for quite a while but when I was in the academy doing my field training, I wasnt able to drive the big red box until I graduated the academy. At the same time, there were fully trained FF's there to handle the interior fire attack. The most realistic option would be locking the cadet job unless there is a FF online but then people wouldnt even bother with the career line. Its a very very tough aspect to balance.
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Dec 11, 2018
Fire department cadets are not able to drive because of how the game mode is. However, I do agree there should be a way for cadets to actually be able to do things without needing a full firefighter present.