Breaking: Alien Invasion JNN

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Zakk Vex

New Member
Feb 19, 2019
At approximately 10:50 AM June 16th an alien Invasion occurred on the town of Truenorth. The Truenorth Sheriffs Department attempted to stop it with no avail. So the sheriff called in the national guard to help with The Battle of Truenorth. The National Guard sent Helicopters with miniguns on them to help. The National Guard Pilots missed almost on their shots. The aliens killed at least 10 people before being stopped. In the aftermath, the Sherif was quoted saying "The National Guard is shit". The aliens shot people with canons that shot a biological substance that did damage. There were three types of aliens The ''Stalkers'' which were big three-legged creatures that had a cannon on them that shot here is a picture of a stalker Stalker. Then "'rammers'" which were big horned creatures that used the horn to hit and damage people/cars here is a picture Rammer. Then there was the "'mothership"' which sent little drones after Humans to hurt them Mothership. All of the aliens except the mothership were seen to teleport. The Mayor at the time was unable for responses. By safe out there true north people.

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