Bodycam footage of Suicide by Cop attempt 09.03.2019 (LT Scofield, CPT Blogger and Officer Luther)

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'Suicide by cop or suicide by police is a suicide method in which a suicidal individual deliberately behaves in a threatening manner, with intent to provoke a lethal response from a public safety or law enforcement officer.[1] ' - U.S. Department of Justice

Situation briefing
At approximately 09.03.2019 at 1030hrs (EST), LT Alex Scofield got signaled by a civilian whilst on patrol, who stated that he had suicidal thoughts. After LT called it in on his radio, 2 other officers arrived - Captain Nate Blogger and Special Weapons and Tactics Officer Tommy Luther. The civilian then pulled out a handgun, which let to LT to attempt use non-lethal means to neutralize the attacker, by deploying his tazer, and gave numerous verbal commands to stop and drop his firearm. After this was unsuccessful, the suspect fled on foot, so the other officers prepared to use lethal means to stop the attacker. After running out the breath, the suspect turned around and pointed the gun at officers, so multiple officers fired an unprecedented number of bullets until they were certain that the attacker had been neutralized. The suspect was left in critical condition, and sufferered from multiple bullet wounds from his chest, arms, shoulders and legs. After 2 minutes, the suspect lost his pulse and was confirmed to be dead on scence.
Bodycam footage

Reflection of incident
This shows that Police officers should always try to preserve life, however, in situations like this, where a suicidal and unstable suspect posed a great danger to other officers and bystanders, officers must be prepared to use their firearm in order to preserve life.
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