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Tyrone Latisha

New Member
Nov 29, 2019
Your Steam Name: Plank
Your SteamID :
Your Character Name: Tyrone Latisha

Which Staff blacklisted you:SCOTTISH
What were you blacklisted from: Vehicles

Blacklist Reason: Attempted VDM

Unblacklist Reason: Please sir I did not mean to ram into the vehicles, the handling on this server is very weird and im still getting used to it. I was joking when i tried to scare my friends on the road, i was not actually trying to kill them. Please forgive me it wont happen again. Without a car I can barely do anything in the game.

Time of Occurrence: 2:00 pm EST


MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Marketing Team
Feb 2, 2019
United Kingdom (UK)
Hey @Tyrone Latisha ,

Regarding your blacklist appeal. You were not blacklisted for the "Attempted Vehicle Death Match", you were blacklisted due to while on a government job (EMS) you continued to fail drive, ramming into vehicles, attempting to hit players with the intent. You were issued a one day blacklist from vehicles (24 hours).

After talking to you in regards to your appeal in-game, I have decided to change the time span to only two hours.

Appeal Accepted,
Appeal Locked,
Appeal Moved to Handled.
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